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Story Submission Rules

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Submission Rules: 

We do not accept stories that feature minors. Teen stories are fine provided the characters in the story are 16 years old. This includes flashbacks or memories. If you flashback or have a memory and their first sexual experience is under sixteen, your story will be returned. 

Please know that all stories that contain references to children will be removed, and the submitter will be banned from the site at our discretion.

We do not accept stories containing incest.  Taboo stories with stepparents or stepsiblings and in-laws are fine.

We do not allow stories containing , grooming, scat, abusive situations, graphic violence, totally unwilling participants(those that just give in to save themselves or others), racism, homophobic slurs, drugging, dangerous sexual acts, suicide, blood(during sex) or death(during sex).  

We understand that when dealing with Supernatural or horror stories there may be both blood and death and we will take them on a case-by-case basis, depending on how it is presented. Because of course, most vampires tend to feed during sex. 

One of the last big no-noes is stories featuring sex with animals (bestiality). All such stories will be deleted as soon as we come across them and the offenders banned without warning.

Please only submit one story at a time and wait for that to be approved before submitting another one.

Quick Tips Before You Submit: 

Ask yourself these questions,

Do I already have a story submitted for review?

Have I broken any of the rules above?

Does My Title Look Like This 


Is it more like this

“Is my dialogue punctuation on the inside of the quotation marks?” Molly asked. 

“Punctuation marks are important,” she said. 

Molly asked, “Do my sentences start with a capitalized letter?” 

Are my paragraphs really long or perhaps one long paragraph?

Have I done a proper edit so my story doesn’t come back for misspelling or missing words?