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I wanted to start this story as a real-life event as it did happen. I went for a swim in the ocean here in Darwin's Free Beach and while I walked up to the tree line found a log to sit on. While sitting and drying off fully naked a guy came and sat near m...

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I arrived at my boyfriend's house about 2 PM. At his request, I took an outfit consisting of a red floral knee-length dress, a red lace bra and panties, black stockings, suspenders, and black Mary Jane shoes. I also had my auburn wig. I'd told him I also...

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First Time Fucked

Better late than never!

The ‘first-time’ story is a bit of a cliche, but I thought my story might chime with others on this site. I’ve always known that I was bisexual really, but I thought my youthful experimenting was simply part of growing up and that I was basically heterose...

Is It All Right To Dream?

Maybe what it is to be bi.

Is it all right to dream about people and our ideas about them and us if we ever had the chance? My eighteen-year-old daughter had a visitor recently, a lifelong friend. I have always thought her beautiful with her not traditionally pretty but interesting...

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A story about a lady who I lusted after for many years

She has invited me to her home to look over a proposed job that she and her husband are considering and for which she would appreciate my advice. I arrive at the house, which appears to be extensive and set on lovely grounds, and am met at the door by her...

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Yes Ma'am

All he had to do was behave.

“That’s enough,” the woman snapped and slapped his hand away. His cock stayed hard, tall, and proud. It jerked slightly and was already dripping pre-cum. Cliff closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm himself. He knew if he didn’t get control she wa...

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Mammoth Tuesday Playtime

The best for a long time

I collected my friend from his home at around 12.00 yesterday having made my place ready for our fun time to come. I had also popped a blue tab before setting off as I didn’t want to be disappointed in the cock department later in the afternoon. I fully e...

Feelings That I Am Missing

I want to drop my clothes at the door.

I drop my clothes at the door just as you get out of the shower. Then I start by looking deep into your eyes. Don't worry you are going to feel safe now, then I will blindfold you. Turning you around, I stand behind you so you feel my warm naked body agai...

My First Time As A Bottom

I received a lot of great feedback on my last story (My First Cock). Since everyone seemed to enjoy that one, here is the next chapter.

Unfortunately my beautiful Latina trans friend ended up moving to Europe not long after we began our relationship. I was sad to see her go but luckily she had introduced me to one of her best friends before leaving. She was a stunning Asian trans woman wi...

My First Time Naked On A Beach

My first experience of being naked in public and MM sexual experience

I love to expose my cock and really love the thrill when someone is enjoying looking at it. I love sharing photos and try to get on cam whenever I play with it and I'm only too pleased to oblige if someone asks to see it. I would like to go out in a publi...

Dress up for a party.

Give myself to some men at a party and bought them pleasure.

I was invited to a party by my next-door neighbor. He knew I loved dressing up and I looked really hot. I am only 5'4' and 110 lbs. My hair is long and blond. I have been taking pills for my breasts and they were small but nice nipples. I wore a dress tha...