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Mammoth Tuesday Playtime

"The best for a long time"

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Author's Notes

"When my friend and I get together, we often do not have time to fully enjoy our pleasures. This is the story of a very recent rare session when we had an empty house for as long as we wanted."

I collected my friend from his home at around 12.00 yesterday having made my place ready for our fun time to come. I had also popped a blue tab before setting off as I didn’t want to be disappointed in the cock department later in the afternoon. I fully expected my friend to do the same as neither of us are spring chickens anymore and the chemical assistance if much appreciated

When we arrived, I set my friend up in the lounge with some gay porn playing on the TV and I popped upstairs to finish getting ready. I had donned black stocking, sussies, bra and panties under my jeans and tee-shirt before leaving to collect him and just needed to remove those and slip into the new dress I had bought on eBay for the occasion (The one on my profile). It is cream coloured and has a gather at the front with a drop cleavage which barely covered the bra and then is knee-length as my friend has complained that most of my others are too short and he likes to explore under my dresses rather than my usual mini skirts, the naughty man. It is also very silky. I felt very sexy in it. And being dressed ready for what I had imagined would be a very busy afternoon was making me feel very randy and ready for anything.

When I appeared in the lounge and walked as sexily as I could towards him he grinned like a loon at the sight of the getup. It became immediately evident that the sight was having the effect I had wanted as he wasted no time in beckoning me towards him so his hands could slowly slide up my stockinged legs. This rapidly had my heart thumping too and I felt those panties being strained as my cock stiffened. Even more so as he slowly explored my thighs and bottom with just the merest hint of a touch between my legs as his nails grazed my balls, which I love. I closed my eyes with the pleasure that was already coursing through me and he was mumbling about how much he liked the dress and me in it. He continued this for maybe three or four minutes and I was already getting hot and glad I hadn’t worn a thicker dress.

He spun me around and pulled me into his arms on the sofa and we spent some time just kissing and cuddling with his hands again exploring under my dress, then he pushed me up onto my feet where he spun me around so my back was to him. He shuffled forward on the sofa and those hands found the elastic of my silky panties and, as I help my breath, he very, very slowly eased them down my stockinged legs. I love having my panties removed like that and well he knows it.

His hands then slid up under the dress as he paid more attention between my now slightly spread legs, his hands gently stroking my balls and then moving on to find my now fully hard cock as it strained against the front of the dress. His hands moved down and lifted the dress and told me to hold it up and bend forward which I did of course, opening my legs in the hope that he wanted to lick me. He spread my cheeks and then, the pleasure of pleasures, his tongue went to town probing and exploring my most intimate of places. I was groaning with the lovely feelings he was giving me, then he slapped me hard on the arse, called me a dirty slut, and told me to take my dress off.

He helped me get the dress over my head then he sat down and it was my turn. His shirt came off then his trousers and pants in one swift yank and he lay back and spread his legs, his cock fully hard and ready for my mouth. I wrapped my hand around it and eased back his foreskin then sucked his whole length into my mouth and sucked hard which had him pushing his knob into my throat. I reached both of my hands up and pinched and pulled his nipples as I sucked and he groaned loudly as his legs trembled at my attentions.

I knew he wouldn’t want too much of this and I wasn’t wrong. He pushed me off and got up and demanded I kneel on the sofa and to spread my legs wide as he grabbed the bottle of lube placed close by for expressly this moment.

The coolness as he dribbled a large dollop of the liquid between my spread cheeks shocked me but as he gently pushed a finger into my hole to open me a little that soon abated. As few second while he dribbled more lube on his waiting cock and then he was pushing against me, then suddenly he was inside me, all the way.

It felt bloody lovely to be honest, being opened like that and then that wonderful full feeling as your body adjusts to a hot hard intrusion into that pleasure centre. Slowly at first, he started to push his cock in and out of me as we got comfortable. Then he withdrew altogether then plunged full length into me making me gasp. Then more slow fucking then he repeated the plunge, then he did it again, and again.

I love that slow fast slow fucking as I can feel everything. He then removed my bra so he could pinch my nipples while he bent over me teasing me with his length. My friend was obviously feeling very playful yesterday and he teased me over and over with slow, then hard thrusts, then withdrawing and plunging in full length. I absolutely loved it and he was too if his heavy breathing and occasional hard smacks on my spread cheeks was anything to go by.

After about twenty minutes of delicious pleasure, I told him to stop so we could rest and we immediately fell into each other’s arms, kissing and groping then wanking each other. His cock was covered in lube obviously, it was going to be a messy day but I didn’t care and wanted more.

Slightly recovered but ready for more, I got up and bent over on the sofa again, arse facing him, legs spread wide and he entered me again, more roughly this time, calling me his dirty little slut and his whore as he fucked hard. This he did for maybe another five minutes and I was flagging as he must have been too. He had never managed to keep from cumming so long in the past so he was obviously enjoying the day as much as me.

Eventually I had to stop and suggested we go for a smoke. So we did. Picture it if you will. We stood at the open back door of my house smoking, the cold air cooling our ardour, or so I thought. The doorway was obviously not wide enough for us to stand side by side. I was in the front and I felt his still stiff cock nudging between my legs, which I opened a little.

‘Bend forward,’ he says, which I do of course and then he slips his still well-lubricated cock back inside me.

We stood there sharing our cigarette while he very slowly fucked me again, rather lovingly actually, nice and sensually. I love being fucked slowly so I can feel every inch of his lovely cock stretching me open.

Thankfully none of my neighbors can see my back door plus I have a very long garden. Anyone looking through the hedge would have seen a man in stockings and sussies, his cock rock hard smoking a cigarette, with his lover behind him, bollock naked, also smoking, fucking his arse. At that moment I really couldn’t have cared if anyone had, the sheer naughtiness of it was wonderful.

We started to get cold so retreated inside and my friend went to the bathroom. I had laid out lube and butt plugs in readiness for him. My friend had wanted to be fucked yesterday too but I had struggled to get my cock into him when it was his first time. My friend had probably fucked hundreds of women and men over the years but only recently did I take his cherry and he wanted more of the same, although he was very tight indeed. The idea of the bathroom contents being that opening his hole in readiness would be good and make my entry and the repeat that he so wanted easier.

We have a sofa next to the back door and I was wanking slowly when he came out and I got to my feet as I told him to spread himself open on the sofa as it was his turn. I grabbed another strategically placed bottle of lube and doused his arse and my cock with the liquid and got behind him. Sad to say, in spite of numerous attempts, I couldn’t get into him, he was just too tight, and I was properly disappointed for both of us.

‘Lets try the big one,’ he said.

I had bought a very large vibrating cock shaped dildo some while ago, almost by mistake as I ordered one much bigger than planned. It is 8 inches long and an inch and a half in diameter, so a monster, and have enjoyed using it on myself and can take three-quarters of it up me. My friend was being optimistic I thought.

In the bathroom, it got messy and dirty. Well lubed, the largest of my plugs was inserted in him and worked in and out, which had him moaning in pleasure. Then the monster was inserted in his arse and used to open him more and slowly fuck him, he was loving it, particularly with the vibe on full. I was on my knees in front of him, wanking his cock and stroking his balls as he fucked himself until he suddenly pulled it out, threw it in the sink, and made me stand up and bent over. Whereupon he slid his now fully restored cock full length into my hole again then proceeded to fuck me like a man possessed. He had both of us grunting as I tried desperately to keep my footing on the vinyl floor. Clearly the filling of his arse had stimulated him no end.

He reached into the sink, washed the dildo, lubed it up then pulled out of me and replaced his cock with the monster, which he proceeded to ram up me until I couldn’t take any more and yelled at him to stop. He did pull it slowly out but then shoved his cock back into me and fucked me some more! He seemed to have realized he wasn’t going to get fucked that day but was determined to make the most of me and I was in heaven.

The session was going to be a long one so I suggested we have another smoke and maybe a coffee so we moved to the back door. We lit two more cigarettes and then he was behind me again, he pushed my shoulders forward to make me bend over and then slid his cock gently up me again and carried on fucking. How was he managing this? Not that I was complaining at all!

There is a certain pleasure in fucking outside as I am sure you agree. That contrast between cold and hot was amazing. Two ladies walked through the playing field on the other side of the hedge and I almost wanted them to see me being gently filled with hard cock, standing there with a hard-on in stockings and sussies, my cock and balls swinging as I was slowly fucked. They didn’t see us though.

My friend was certainly on a roll and my arse was even starting to get a bit sore but this was the best session we had had for a very long time.

Cigarettes finished, we retired to the lounge to see if we could watch some porn, by way of a rest for us both. That didn’t last though. I think the sight of two young, very well-hung young guys taking turns sucking each other, then one of them entering the arse of the other made my friend hard yet again and I was soon on my knees on the sofa with him teasing my hole with yet more slow fucking.

Eventually he started to speed up and really pound me hard and he had us both grunting our pleasure between the hard slaps on my cheeks as he thrust into me. It didn’t last as he announced he was close to cumming. He pulled out and I spun round and sat, legs spread wide, wanking furiously as he did the same until his cum shot all over my stockings, cock and balls and I added to the mess as I emptied my balls all over my belly too. We both collapsed onto the sofa in each other’s arms in a glorious sticky cuddle while we got our breath back

What an afternoon! We were both sweaty and covered in cum but what filthy, dirty, delicious fun it all was. We never did make that coffee though.

Bring on the next time.

Written by tinker2

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