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Feelings That I Am Missing

"I want to drop my clothes at the door."

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Author's Notes

"Feel free to continue and tell me the rest"

I drop my clothes at the door just as you get out of the shower. Then I start by looking deep into your eyes. Don't worry you are going to feel safe now, then I will blindfold you.

Turning you around, I stand behind you so you feel my warm naked body against yours. I start by licking your neck and ear and working down your body as your arms rub me up in down. Then I spin you around and twist and suck those nipples as one of my hands runs up your leg and against your very wet pussy.

Letting my hands expose your sexy naked smooth body, feeling those fingers running over you and now feeling your hardening nipples.

As I move your hair away from your neck and run my tongue and lips over your neck you are playing with your breasts.

I lead you back into the bedroom and push you onto the bed demanding you rub your pussy as you were before taking a shower, but now I can get at you like I have been needing to. My cock is as stiff as a lead pipe and I desperately want to bury it inside you, so I climb onto the bed and crawl over top of you.

I want to cum so badly, to blast into you and fill you until our juices run together down your legs, but I resist the temptation. When I finally quiet you, I let my hands explore, pawing at your tits and feeling your nipples become hard between my fingertips. I let one into my mouth and then the other, wrapping my lips around them and sucking, before giving each one a light nibble.

Then I grab your ankles and pull you down the bed to the end so you can be on your knees and so I can stand behind you and help myself by running my now rock-hard cock all over your butt and against your very wet pussy.

I move my fingers up to the tip of your clit and move your hand away down between your legs onto my cock. You grab it then pull it into you saying you need it inside you but I want to run my tongue up your inner thighs first. I can feel my nipples harden against your thighs.

I take my first dip with my tongue and hear you moan. Then I run my hands up your legs from your knee to your inner thigh as one of my fingers slightly brushes against your wet puddy cat's outer lips. They are now wet with excitement wanting to feel my finger push DEEP inside you. Which I have now done and wow your pussy feels so warm and wet. Rocking your hips back and forth, you hold my head against your nipple making me suck it.

Then you are pushing my head down and telling me to take my finger out so my tongue can give you a really good sucking and licking until you beg me and tell me you now want my cock inside you so bad. 

So I take you to the bedroom and throw you on the bed, onto your back, telling you to rub your clit for me as you watch me naked coming closer. Standing over you with my balls just above your clit making you watch them jump up in down and feeling them hit your pussy as I'm stroking it for you, watching your fingers rub that clit. 

Now you are getting some wetness onto your fingers to rub on the tip of my cock. Then I will make you raise those legs up, ready for me to push my hardness into you. I grab your hair as I really want us both watching my cock fuck you good and deep. Watching it slide in and out, giving my cock a good squeezing as you clench your muscles tightly around me. Your legs are over my shoulders pulling my body onto yours to make sure I'm deep as you like it done. After a little while, you tell me to pull out so you can grab my cock and give it a quick little wank and then slide it back into you. You turn over and get on your knees for me and beg me to fuck you doggy style like the little bitch you are; needing that pounding from behind.

I hold the head of my cock against you as you rub yourself, and you use your fingers to open yourself up for me. As I push myself into you, I feel the tips of your fingers welcome me just before your warm wet pussy wraps itself around me. I slowly fuck you, the thrust of my hips moving in time with yours. The heat of you rushes through my body as we fuck, a feeling that fills me with desire, making me want even more of you. I thrust harder, faster, deeper, aching to feel every last inch of you. Our bodies begin to sweat and we become slippery and sticky.

You moan into my ear, quietly at first, but louder seemingly with every thrust. The sound builds and builds to a crescendo until finally, I have to place my hand over your mouth to keep myself from losing control.

I dip my tongue deep into your pussy sucking at your pussy juice with every lick and flick of my tongue.

I want to bury my face deep in your pussy and lick from back to front as you're holding my head there, and with every lick diving deeper into your juices.

I can smell and enjoy your wetness, mmm. I can feel the heat from your pussy. I put my arms around your hips and pull you closer to me. Then I slowly push my cock inside your hot pussy which you have been needing and going crazy over wanting it pounding you nice and slow then faster and faster making you get closer and closer to cumming with me. I can feel you starting to drip, it's turning me on. I can feel your pussy juices starting to run down my balls.

You tell me you're about to cum and to slow down so it will last longer. I listen to your command and ease the pounding to a slow deep in and out to my tip of the cock then ram it back in fast then pull back out to the tip slowly. It's driving you wild and I see you sucking on your nipples so I grab your hair and pull your mouth off of them.

You arch your head back and tell me, "Yes pull that hair my bitch and fucking cum inside me now. I need that hot cum in me and am going to give you all my wet juices all over your cock. You fucking fuck that pussy hard and cum deep inside me."

But no no no not yet you don't deserve the cum yet my slave you need to do the next part. Now I would so love you to finish writing and tell me the rest of what comes next hehe. Go on, don't be shy just write.

Written by katikatinudist

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