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The Other Day At My Boyfriend's

"A relaxing meet."

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I arrived at my boyfriend's house about 2 PM. At his request, I took an outfit consisting of a red floral knee-length dress, a red lace bra and panties, black stockings, suspenders, and black Mary Jane shoes. I also had my auburn wig.

I'd told him I also had two new outfits to show him. A green patterned jumpsuit and a swim dress. He'd said for me to model those first then change to the floral dress.

When I arrived, he made me a coffee and we sat and talked for a few minutes while I drank it. A few kisses were exchanged, then I was off to change.

In the bathroom, I used my douche bottle to ensure I was as clean as possible, then dressed in bright green satin knickers and a pushup bra, which gave me good cleavage. I added my wig and some gold strappy sandals before stepping into my green jumpsuit. It's made of viscose material and feels yummy against my skin.

I left the bathroom and went to find my friend. He'd not been sure what I meant by a jumpsuit, but he thought I looked wonderful in it. He's such a sweetie!

At this point, he got out his camera and took photos and videos of me in my jumpsuit.

He then positioned the camera on its tripod, sat in a chair, unzipped his trousers, pulled out his firm cock, and beckoned me to my knees in front of him.

I licked the length of his cock and round his balls, and then took his length in my mouth, right to the back of my throat.

He was moaning, obviously enjoying himself, but he stopped me after a couple of minutes as he was getting to the point of no return and wanted to save himself for later.

He fondled my breast at the deep cut front of my jumpsuit, but, as he pointed out, the trouser section prevented him access lower down.

He sent me to change into my second outfit.

So I went back into the bathroom, stripped off my jumpsuit and lingerie, and put on my light blue swim dress.

This consists of a pair of bikini briefs, a halter neck bra top, and a chiffon dress descending from the bra top to mid-thigh.

It didn't take long of being in this outfit before I was dragged into the bedroom and laid on the bed. He stripped off and joined me.

I started fondling him as he played with my breasts through my bra, kissed me deeply, and ran his hand under my dress.

Before long, my bikini bottoms were on the floor, I was lying on my front and his tongue was exploring my hole.

After getting me nice and wet, he disappeared for a minute and came back with a tawse which he used on my bottom.

Then it was time for the main course. He lubed his fingers and my hole and started opening me up. After a few minutes, he tried putting his cock in, but it was too painful at first. He withdrew, used his fingers again, and then he was in me, with my legs over his shoulders, pounding away.

I had no discomfort whatever this time and felt pleasure growing.

As it was his first time in a while, it didn't take him long to cum in me, which I love.

Afterwards, we lay and talked about our fantasies and whether we wanted a threesome, etc. Meanwhile, I fondled him back to hardness, and he mounted me again.

Again I got great pleasure out of being fucked.

After my second fucking, he got the massage wand from my bag, put it on the setting I love, and untied my halter top exposing my breasts.

He played the wand over my breasts and tweaked my nipples until I had the most wonderful shuddering all-body orgasm.

As I recovered, he climbed on top of me and entered me for the third time. Again we both took our pleasure.

We were both exhausted now, so I went and changed back into male mode. We then had a piece of the cake I had baked him, and I left for home.

A wonderful relaxing afternoon that I badly needed.

Written by Bevandrews

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