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First Time Fucked

"Better late than never!"

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The ‘first-time’ story is a bit of a cliche, but I thought my story might chime with others on this site.

I’ve always known that I was bisexual really, but I thought my youthful experimenting was simply part of growing up and that I was basically heterosexual. From my late teens, I had a number of girlfriends and enjoy sex with women hugely, I need it regularly. I’ve been with my wife for over thirty years and we still have a very satisfying sex life. Over the years though there was a nagging doubt and from my twenties, I would have thoughts about sex with men especially which usually resulted in a furtive if satisfying wank.

This feeling was intensified by noticing messages and stories of sexual adventures in public toilets. I would wank while imagining an older man coming into the cubicle and having his way with me. On the few occasions that someone came on to me, I ran a mile. As the years passed though, I plucked up my courage and pulled other men off and discovered the pleasure of sucking a nice hard cock. Taking it in my mouth and all the way down my throat until I received my reward with jets of lovely warm cum, which I’ve learnt to swallow like a good boy!

With the arrival of the internet, I found porn sites that opened my eyes to all the possibilities of gay sex and found the sight of a hard-wet member entering a puckered hole extremely exciting. Later came chat sites that recommended cottaging spots and I went for walks in the woods. I’d wank, kiss, and suck men with abandon. I even fucked a couple of men but that is another story. I had come to terms with my bisexuality but had still not been fucked.

A few years ago I moved for work and was on my own for a while. I had the space to chat and meet men and one day contacted one who said he was a ‘top’ and liked to help people like me and initiate them into anal sex. His name was Leo. So I found myself breathless and increasingly excited as I drove the five miles to his flat. My heart beat frantically as with a dry mouth I pushed his doorbell.

I was greeted by a good-looking man, a little older and taller than me with greying temples - perfect! That he had on a bathrobe and I could see his strong hairy legs only added to my satisfaction. He welcomed me and was very gentle, offering me the sofa and a cup of tea. We talked about work and stuff and eventually, he said, ‘So you want to be fucked?’

Shyly, head down and colouring I muttered, ‘Yes, yes please.'

He smiled and leaned in and kissed me full on the mouth. The feel of his tongue on mine was electrifying and as we kissed he gently held my head - heaven!

As we made out on the sofa, his robe was pushed open by a now erect cock. I was glad to note that he was not scarily big, but bigger than me certainly. Still dressed, I gently held him in my hand and began to pull his foreskin down, he moaned gently and said, ‘Good boy,’ then added, ‘suck it if you want to.’

I was aching to do so of course. I bent my head and licked his now angry purple head, taking my tongue all the down his knob, and then kissed and sucked his balls. Encouraged by his sighs I licked back up and took all of him into my mouth and preceded to bob up and down. At this point, he grabbed my head forcefully and started to push himself rhythmically into my mouth. I nearly fainted with delight feeling my already stiff cock ooze pre-cum as I gave myself over to his needs.

After a while, he said, ‘Let’s go to bed,’ and led me into a room with a double bed with a crisp clean sheet. He let his robe fall and I finally saw his beautiful hairy chest. I scrambled to take off my clothes and with relief, my cock bounced forward erect and glistening in front of me.

I lay on the bed and we continued to kiss and cuddle. He moved down and took me in his mouth and we then 69’ed for a while. At one point he lapped his tongue down and licked my arsehole - I had always thought I would like that and indeed I did! He gently moved his hands round and pushed at my now moistened hole with a finger. Saying, ‘Umm, what a nice little hole.’

He got off the bed and rummaged in a bedside cabinet, producing two cock shaped dildos. One of which was considerably longer and fatter than the other, a tube of lube and a small bottle of poppers. I was spellbound but obviously in good hands.

Leo said, ‘Sit up and open your legs.' I did as I was told as I had waited so long for someone to say that to me. He put some lube on his hand and then rubbed it on my hole. He then gently inserted a finger into me.

I had done this to myself of course many times, but this was the first time anyone else had and it was infinitely more exciting. I moaned gently as he moved it around and opened me up. Satisfied with his work he suggested I take a sniff of poppers, then took the smaller dildo, lubed it up, and stuck up my arse. It was lovely as he began to fuck me with it. I and my hole had relaxed now, so he proceeded with the larger dildo, I took another sniff but whimpered as he thrust it in and out hard and fast, groaning at the end of each thrust. I was in heaven but was worried that my now fountain-like cock would burst with all this attention.

Then Leo said, ‘You’ll do, suck me hard again.’ So I went down on him and he fucked my mouth again with increasing urgency.

Eventually, he lifted my head and barked, ‘On your knees,’ with an urgency in his voice. I readily obeyed and presented my well-lubed and dildo-abused hole to him. My heart was racing - this was it at long last I was going to lose my cherry. My cock dripped as I felt his weight on my back, he pushed me down slightly and grabbed me by the hips as he lined up his hard dripping cock. Without more of a do he thrust himself into me - I yelped in pain but it passed quickly as he had prepared me well. He rode me for some time, and I was lost in sensations of the greatest pleasure - I’d been right all along, I needed to be fucked by men.

I could feel Leo’s thrusts rise in intensity and I pushed my arse back on him in rhythm. Then with a shout, he came in a rush. I felt his final thrusts as he finished depositing his seed deep inside me. I felt a wave of great exhilaration that I had been responsible for his pleasure. I managed to say, ‘Thank you.’

He said, ‘Your turn.’ He cradled me and tugged my bursting cock, I lay in his arms as I shot a rope of spunk across the room.

So I had finally been fucked! I re-ran the events of the last hour or so in my mind as I drove home. Feeling hugely satisfied as I felt Leo’s cum bubble out of my arse and into my knickers. The first time was done, I knew there would be more!

Written by BillyBoy

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