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"A night of dancing, denial and self-pleasure."

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Stumbling into my bedroom I kick off those hateful, yet amazingly sexy heels. The hardwood is cool and refreshing as I start to feel the sweat cling to my flesh. The club had felt like a hundred degrees with all those sweaty bodies pressed together, grinding on one another as they danced the night away. 

My muscles are tightening now that my body realizes I’m no longer in the middle of that crowd. I’ll feel it in the morning, but that smirk curling on the corner of my lips confirms that I don’t care, it was worth it to see her again. 

I first saw her across the room leaning on the bar and watching me with that cocky little grin. A grin that clearly said she saw me as her prey. She wasn't wrong. She was a hunter on the prowl and I was the helpless little rabbit.

Standing in front of my mirror I smile because I might be the rabbit, but I am not helpless. That is why I told her no. 

Thinking of her now, I slowly pull my dress off, remembering how she flowed across the dance floor, weaving her body in and out of the small pockets of people.

With her eyes locked on mine, she would pause to run her hands along the occasionally offered body; moving with them. She did all that to give me a preview of what was coming.

Goosebumps break out along my now bare skin as I think of how damp this girl made me. Watching myself in the mirror, my eyes are large and alert, slightly feral looking. 

My pale pink nipples are hard and my body glistens with sweat. I love the way my body looks after a night like this. It turns me on even more than I already am. It’s that look that says I’ve just had hours of hard, downright dirty fucking. 

Moaning softly, I press my breasts against the front of my full-length mirror and gasp at the coolness of it. Looking into my eyes, my body starts to move. I glide over the cold hard glass, moving to the memory of the song that was playing when she first slid her arm around my waist. My breath caught at her touch. 

Hips swaying side to side, watching my fingers slip over my breasts, I pinch my nipples and gasp. I can still feel her hands on me and hear her words whispered into my ear. 

Fuck, she’s sexy. 

My fingers start to follow the paths her hands had taken all night. Tantalizingly teasing me, leaving no place untouched, except for the delicate little places I was dying for her to feel. Those nimble fingers brushed against them tauntingly, leaving promises and growing desires. Awaking sensation after sensation, I grind my ass into her, encouraging everything she wants to give me. 

Her nipples had pressed into my back while her hands were just below my breasts. I felt her thumb rub against them and I almost begged her to touch them. My body snaked down until I was almost on my knees in front of her. That was when I turned and licked my lips teasingly at her. 

It would have been so easy to beg her to take me to the bathroom. I would have begged her to fuck me like a cheap little whore.

Moaning slightly, I close my eyes and drop to the floor onto my knees. Cupping my pussy, I feel how damp my barely-there panties are. My fingers are instantly coated with my sweet, sweet honey and I bring them to my lips, painting them with my pleasure.  

She kept me on edge all night and I know she wanted me to tell her to use me. I wanted her to use me, and I still do. Why did I tell her no? I don’t want to be a good girl, so why am I torturing myself like this?

My body continues to sway, giving the reflection in the mirror a show. I slowly slide my panties to the side and gasp at how swollen and bright my sex is. With a soft groan, my middle finger slips easily through my lips and I think of the kiss. 

That kiss; the grip on my hair tightened almost painfully when I slowly licked my lips again. She pulled me back up and into a breath-stealing, toes curling, pussy quivering type kiss. Such promises she held in that one kiss. My pussy throbs at the thought of it.

In the mirror, I can almost see her on the floor of my bedroom, naked and ready to please me. On her belly in front of me licking her lips, wanting my pussy on her mouth, wanting to lick and suck my tender little button. 

Just the thought of that has my fingers sliding over the swollen knob. My body jerks in response and I press harder, slowly rubbing it back and forth. I pinch my nipple and think of all the dirty little things her mouth whispered into my ear. 

How she nibbled and bit between her words, of how she wanted me to give it to her, how badly she wanted me to cum on her face and leave my juices dripping down her neck lingered. That need in her voice told me how she wanted to hear me beg and cry her name as I used her mouth. 

Then there was that sting of her teeth as they sank gently into my neck and I heard her growl those three little words, “Don’t deny me.” It was almost my undoing. 

I want to be used by her; used for her pleasure. 

The idea sends a pulse through me and I shove my fingers deep inside my leaking cunt. I watch my body writhing and my perky breasts bouncing up and down as I fuck myself.

My vision blurs as I envision her forcing me onto my knees holding my head against her warm pussy, making me take it. Not that I need the encouragement, I am past the point of saying no. Right now, I’m her good little slut. Her hips buck, shoving her sweet cunny harder onto my mouth. She is grinding on me to the point of losing my breath and I can feel her slick warmth along my chin and across my lips and nose. But I want more. I need more and my greedy little mouth is taking it.

I rise on my knees and place a palm flat on the mirror, leaning closer as my fingers work quickly in and out of my pussy. My eyes lock onto my reflection, begging not to stop, begging to fuck it harder. A whimper slips through my slightly parted lips as I do. 

My hand is slick up to my wrist and I’m dripping on the floor. I don’t care, I look so Goddamn sexy at this moment, wild and uninhibited, riding my fingers, moaning and whimpering. The goosebumps have crawled back across my fevered skin and my breasts bounce faster. 

Falling forward, I press my forehead to cool glass, my breath instantly fogs the mirror with my short little pants. Fuck I love how just the thought of her makes me feel. I love the way she moves, touches me, looks at me, and how much she wants me too. 

She will be in this room soon. She’ll be underneath me and I am going to let my sweetness drip over her mouth and down her throat. I want to watch it puddle on her tongue as she drinks me down. Just as she promised with her wicked words. 

“Such a good girl,” I moan and pull my soaked fingers out bringing them to my lips, sucking them clean. My eyes close and my legs spread further, opening myself up completely, hips rocking, and my cunt pulses begging for attention. 

The release is right there and I need it. My eyes open and I look back into the mirror. I slap my pussy and hear the damp, creamy sounds of my juices and it drives the pressure to the point of exploding. 

There is no more thought of her, it is just me and my pleasure. My fingers press hard onto my button and I rub it fiercely back and forth chasing each wave. It is swollen and throbbing, my moans grow louder with each flick. 

“Oh fuck. Right there, right there, right there,” I chant. Everything tenses and my hips push forward and hold. That is when the wave finally crashes and my breath slips out slowly, groaning my pleasure. Jerk after delicious jerk the orgasm continues to flow through me.

My eyes close again and my body twitches as the want and adrenaline drain out of me, slipping down my inner thigh. I begin to feel the evening take over and I am suddenly exhausted. 

The mirror is no longer cool against my cheek and I push off it, stumbling to my feet. My legs shake and threaten to drop me back to the floor so I flop down on the bed and slowly crawl my way up it. I should shower, but I just want to sleep. 

As I settle down, a wicked little thought comes to mind and I grab my phone. Before I left the bar, she had taken my phone to give me her number. My pruney fingers slip over my cunny, coating them again; making them shine. With a mischievous grin, I snap a picture of them and send it to her with a little note. 

“Mmm, thank you.”

Written by MollyDoll

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