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Sitting At The Free Beach


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I wanted to start this story as a real-life event as it did happen. I went for a swim in the ocean here in Darwin's Free Beach and while I walked up to the tree line found a log to sit on. While sitting and drying off fully naked a guy came and sat near me also fully naked. He had a good body and his cock was a good size too. We sat talking for a while, yes both naked, and I could see his cock getting bigger. He played with it as it got bigger.

He asked me what it looked like, and did I like it. He stood up and turned around to show me his anal which was okay too. 'It looked nice to lick and make wet,' I thought. He asked me if he had any sand there and I said yes you have so he came closer to me. He asked if I could dust it off.

I did and he bent over and revealed his anal to me so I dusted the sand off. He gave me some water to help wash it. I gazed into his anal area and he asked, "Do you like it?" I said yeah, and he said if you want you can lick and tongue it.

Well, he didn't have to ask me twice. I licked and put my tongue into his anal making it wet and soft. He loved it. Then he sat down and grabbed my cock and started to play with it for a while before he leaned over and started to suck it.

He sat up and we started talking again. We didn't get dressed and stayed naked. People were going past us and looking as they went by with smiles and hard-on's too.

I leaned over towards him and started to suck his cock. He leaned back so I could go down on him and he asked if it was okay for him to fuck me. Well, that was it, he was hard and I needed a cock in me so I turned around and sat on his cock till he came. By this time there were a few guys who came around and chatted for a while. They wanted me too, and I let them do me. After my first friend came in me then the other guys were wanting to fuck me too. There were two other guys that came up waiting for us.

Written by wombatt

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