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2 months ago
Bisexual Trans Female, 57
0 miles · Peterborough
18+ Only
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Looking to make friends in Peterborough/Kawartha Lakes.

The basics.
I am a mature crossdresser. I can NOT host. Looking for someone into CDs that is able to host - either your place or you get a room.

I have been dressing on and off since my teens. Played a lot in person until my 30s. On and off since then. More over the last year and a half or so.

I am only free now and then. Usually a couple of times per month. Sometimes I get a whole weekend. May start to have the occasional time during the day. I have an unapproving partner. If that bothers you, fine, your choice. But before you criticize me, walk a bit in my heels (or ask me).

Really looking for an ongoing partner or two for regular meetings.

In the past I only played with other CD girls. Now I am more open to guys. Would LOVE to find a couple.

Don't care about age for other CDs (or couples) but prefer M who are a bit more mature. Sorry boys but I have trouble seeing myself with guys under 40 or so. Fit is good but we all end up with a few extra pounds. Have found I really prefer clean shaven faces because I love to make out but don't like the friction. Please at least clear up your hairy balls and be showered and clean. Size doesn't matter. Easier to deal with normal size but willing to try larger - if you start slow and are patient.

I am flexible about dom/sub. Sometimes I feel more like a top and sometimes I work myself into a sub slut frenzy. Not into pain, degradation, scat/piss, baby/diaper, no bondage (at least for a while). That said, I can get into a playful spank and some roleplay language.

When I play, I play fully dressed. I meet with wig, dress, heels. Peel that back to thigh high stocking, panties and bra. Always have some form of lingerie. Not totally skilled at makeup but I try. Would love to find someone who could help me there. I dress and play like a woman and expect to get treated like that. Not fully shaved, but look at my pics, I strategically shave.

I love toys, enjoy longer edging, give/receive oral and anal. Like kissing and heavy petting. Love having my nice clean ass eaten, drives me crazy. Nipple play really melts me. Had someone suck my toes and it was surprisingly enjoyable. Like to take pics or have pics taken on my phone but am sensitive to partner privacy. Safe sex, sorry that means condoms at least until we have met a number of times.

All of the pics here are of me and they are no more than 2 years old. Don't ask for face pics until after we have met. I have more pics for sure.

Mainly in Kawartha Lakes / Peterborough area but I do get down to SW Ontario once every six weeks or so. I have many vax, my choice.

Feel free to ask me questions. Sharing your pics get more of mine. Love comments. Always happy to get trib pix. Generally accept friends and followers in N America.


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