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2 months ago
Bisexual Trans Female, 56
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Mature CD girl looking for friends and fun in Ontario.

Okay, I should provide some more info...

Just a girl at heart ... and I am trying to let that inner girl free again. I have dressed on and off since my teens. Have purged too many times. I may be a bit older but I can still show off my long legs and a nice ass. I am mostly looking for other tgirls for chat and possibly in-person play. I have always wanted to find a hot couple for fun - total bucket list/dream of mine. I am at least willing to listen to a good pitch from mature gentlemen. 

I am switchable. I have played soft dom with other girls. Could go either way with couples. I'll admit to interest in both roles if I were to find the right man but I have never met a man while dressed as a girl. When I am in chat or on cam, as I get more worked up I tend more toward my sub side. 

I am NOT single and my parter is NOT underestanding. I understand if that is a problem for you. I would hope you understand that sometimes people take on responsibilities but the people you are involved with change. I think my situation will likely change in the next 18 months but that's how it is for now. What that means in part is that my opportunities to dress and play are limited. 

Right before covid started, I had finally ventured out for in-person fun after a long, long time off from in person play. Terrible timing right? Had so much fun and was ready to spread my ... wings but I stopped due to pandemic precautions and reduced free time. I am vaxxed to the max. Would need a lot of trust and meetings to forego protection.

I would prefer to find something ongoing. I cannot entertain. And If I am going to all of the trouble to dress and show up looking sexy, I would expect you to figure out accommodations. Best of all possible worlds would be to find a place I could leave my things for play. They are hidden and not easily accessible.

While I think I look sexy and when I am dressed I feel sexy as hell, I am not a genetic woman. I am tall and not fat, but not tiny. All the pix are of me unless clearly gifs from the net. They are no more than 5 years old (last photo purge). So I am not a tiny, pixie girl. My day to day friends and co-workers would be shocked to find out about this side of me, even though I have been at it for longer than I have known any of them. Guess I come across as a regular guy. Not looking to change that, I just feel more like a girl when it comes to see. I am probably more comfortable with people above, say around 45, but that is not fixed in stone. I am not into being degraded, no scat, not into diapers, would take a long time for me to trust enough for binding, not into beatings or pain (other than maybe playful spankings).   

SW Ontario is my home turf but I do venture into TO and across the border into MI. Feel free to ask me questions or start chatting. I have lots more pictures I am willing to share if you want to share some back. After initial contact, I prefer to use some anon email. Still do not have tribute pictures but would for sure share more in exchange for some.

💋 Nicole


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