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Over 90 days ago
Bi-curious Female, 27
0 miles · Ontario


Avatar is most definitely me, so please don’t ask. 

I’m not sure exactly what to put here so please excuse the word vomit. I’m a mostly chill, happy, no nonsense, goofy person and I like to flirt with almost everyone on here. But whether it’s a platonic friendship, flirtationship or more is up to me. I have never been a friend collector. Just because I am on this site, does not mean I’m looking to always get off. Porn takes less effort and is not as painstakingly cringy.

If I am in a chatroom, I am more than likely just looking to chat with my existing friends or joke around with potential new ones. I do not private chat with strangers. That being said, please do not be afraid to say hi in the main rooms. For those who are curious, I am a 5’7”, dark eyed, long haired brunette.

Interests Watching/playing sports (volleyball, basketball, and softball/baseball), trail walking/hiking, listening to music and baking (simultaneously), long road trips, and playing with my two best friends’ puppies. Recent development, I am a fish mom that likes to watch her fishes play tag or follow the leader.
Favorite Movies The Blind Side, Harry Potter Movies and Adam Sandler movies.

Favorite TV Shows Suits, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Friends, Money Heist, Jack Ryan

Favorite Music Pretty much everything except Metal and Opera.


💙 my beautiful friend x
She's my Bottom Bitch. 💜💜


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Age: 18 - 18
Distance: 50 miles