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My First Time Naked On A Beach

"My first experience of being naked in public and MM sexual experience"

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I love to expose my cock and really love the thrill when someone is enjoying looking at it. I love sharing photos and try to get on cam whenever I play with it and I'm only too pleased to oblige if someone asks to see it.

I would like to go out in a public place naked so that anybody can see, but not where it would be offensive. So I had been thinking of trying a nudist beach, however, it was not for the "freedom" it is just for sexual pleasure.

On the last bank holiday, I found myself with a new bike in the garage, a nice sunny day, and nothing to do, so I grabbed some shorts in a rucksack and headed for Studland. When I got there I had to change at the side of the road. With my jeans, jacket, and helmet stowed away, I headed to the beach. The sand made it hard to walk as quickly as I wanted to.

I got to the beach with my anticipation rising, looking for somewhere that I could strip off. I decided to head just into the dunes. Once I found a small area that was free, I laid out my towel and quickly stripped off.

I had remembered some sun oil so generously poured it around my groin and made sure my cock was covered. It looked nice glistening with oil in the sunshine. I laid down on the towel, closed my eyes, and let my erection die down.

As I lay there I took short glimpses and could see guys walking around they were not rushing past and I was sure they were looking so I just laid there and enjoyed them looking. While I had my eyes closed I could hear people walking past really close and pausing to look, I still just laid there and enjoyed them looking at me.

After a while, I noticed one guy who had been looking before had come back and was standing at what must have been a better viewpoint. I kept glimpsing and could see he was taking quick looks. After a while, he moved to another position directly in front of me, he stood side on and I could easily see his cock, it looked fat. As I watched I saw it start to rise until it stood, fully hard in front of him.

I didn't know what to do and I didn't know what I wanted but I decided to sit up on my elbows and let him see I was looking. He turned to different angles so I could get a good view. I didn't know whether to speak or what, so I nodded and moved myself to an angle where he could see everything he wanted. He just touched his cock a few times then after a few minutes, I saw him tense as his cock erupted, shooting his hot cum across the sand.

Wow, he had cum, hands-free, looking at my cock. I would have loved to wanked off with him, in fact, I have just cum thinking about it. After a minute, his cock went soft and he moved on, leaving me wanting to see more.

I laid back and closed my eyes and with a flaccid cock, enjoyed listening to people passing by. I took an occasional glimpse and after a while, I noticed I guy had moved around to different spots around me, he had been looking earlier. He looked like a bit of a perv, with a tee-shirt on and a very small cock, by now I didn't care who was looking.

As he stood there, I decided to rub my cock, so I pulled back the foreskin a couple of times while I was sure he was looking. Then I laid back and closed my eyes. The next time I glimpsed, he was a couple of feet away on my right-hand side. The next time I looked he was standing over me on the left side. I closed my eyes and waited.

After what seemed like ages, I felt a hand grip my cock, as my foreskin slid back. I felt the blood rush into it and my cock grew hard, as he wanked me, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the intense pleasure. As I lay there I hoped I would feel his mouth engulf my cock, I wanted to experience my cock being sucked. The thought of being sucked was too much for me, I felt my legs tense and my hips rose, thrusting deeper into his hand until my cock exploded, sending my cum into the air. He wanked me harder and faster against the involuntary spasms until he had milked all of the cum from me.

He got up and left, leaving me with cum all around, I laid there for a while before I decided it was time to go home. If it had been the guy that got hard, I might have grabbed his. He had a really nice fat cock, I would have liked to see him cum from closer.

I really enjoyed my first time naked on a beach, but it was late in the year and I was disappointed I had missed the warm weather, but I was back the next year for some more.

I found the experience of a random stranger I couldn't see, taking hold of my cock and wanking me absolutely fantastic and something I want to do more. I've heard of naked dinner parties and naked fun parties, so I'll look out for these and I'd love to hear any other suggestions.

Written by BJayDee

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