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First Time Stories

Experiencing a sexual encounter for the first time is a rememberable occurrence for everyone. A first time experience doesn't necessarily just stop at losing your virginity during your teenage years, it can also include unlocking a new sexuality, exploring a new interest, or adapting a change in lifestyle like swinging.

Have you ever been curious about being bisexual, gay, or want to feel what it's like to be a crossdresser? Have you ever thought about breaking the sexual normalities and considered sex toys, adding an extra partner to play with in the bedroom, or getting involved in a gang bang? An introduction into a new lifestyle like swinging can fulfil longstanding desires and liberate a relationship.

Share your first time experiences with the rest of the erotic story community by writing your encounter below.

Bitter End

First time gay experiment what if.

True story starts in the Bitter End pub and ends with a bitter disappointment. I was in my late twenties around 1985 and single at the time. It was a December evening, I was out for a drink in the 'Bitter End' pub in Crewe with a friend. His wife had stay...


My First Time As A Bottom

I received a lot of great feedback on my last story (My First Cock). Since everyone seemed to enjoy that one, here is the next chapter.

Unfortunately my beautiful Latina trans friend ended up moving to Europe not long after we began our relationship. I was sad to see her go but luckily she had introduced me to one of her best friends before leaving. She was a stunning Asian trans woman wi...

My First Time Naked On A Beach

My first experience of being naked in public and MM sexual experience

I love to expose my cock and really love the thrill when someone is enjoying looking at it. I love sharing photos and try to get on cam whenever I play with it and I'm only too pleased to oblige if someone asks to see it. I would like to go out in a publi...


My First Cock

A Mutual Blowjob Introduction To Bi Play

There was a time in my life when the idea of me even touching another cock would make my stomach turn. I’m not sure what happened, but somewhere along the way, I discovered Shemale porn and quickly became aware of the fact that even just the thought of so...