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My First Time As A Bottom

"I received a lot of great feedback on my last story (My First Cock). Since everyone seemed to enjoy that one, here is the next chapter."

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Unfortunately my beautiful Latina trans friend ended up moving to Europe not long after we began our relationship. I was sad to see her go but luckily she had introduced me to one of her best friends before leaving. She was a stunning Asian trans woman with a pair of really impressive enhanced breasts that gave her that incredible "short, tight girl with big tits" look that I have always loved. It was hard to imagine that she was packing an equally impressive cock in her panties.

Whatever preconceived notions I had about the cliched Asian small cock were quickly put to rest the first time we got together and she filled my mouth with her girthy manhood. Our first few times together were very similar to my previous encounters with her friend, lots of mutual oral, I would top her until she came and then finish in her mouth.

After a few of those play sessions she decided it was time to move me down the road a bit. Everything started out as normal but she decided to hang her head off the edge of the bed and have me fuck her throat to finish. That is a great position for getting nice and deep so I was happy to partake. As I slid my swollen mushroom head into her mouth, she placed her hands on my butt cheeks, pulling them forward so I would get maximum depth down her throat. I was amazed at how much more of me she could take from this position without gagging at all. After awhile, she could tell that I was getting close and just seconds before I came she completely surprised me by slipping her index finger into my previously "exit only" ass. I'm sure my eyes went wide in surprise but I was so close to cumming that I didn't protest. As I began to cum the intensity of my orgasm was like nothing I had felt before, and it seemed to last at least twice as long!

She laughed as we lay there afterwards and said she was happy that she could open that door for me. Over the next few times we got together she introduced some small plugs and then gradually bigger toys until we were finally at the point where she thought I was ready. After we had played for a bit she climbed out of bed and I spun sideways to the edge. I let out a little chuckle since this was one of my favorite positions to fuck women, standing at the edge of the bed, and now I was going to be on the receiving end.

She leaned forward to kiss me and I felt the head of her hard cock pressing against my ass. She reached around to use her hand and slowly slide herself into me. She was very patient and slowed to my tensing but before long, I was relaxed and she was all the way deep inside me. We enjoyed the moment and then she started to slowly fuck me, easing herself nearly all the way out and then back in again. She was now standing over me pounding my ass and jerking my cock in time with her thrusts. I could feel her cock start to swell and knew she was getting close. Seconds later she tossed her head back and let out a loud moan and I couldn't take anymore. The sight of this beautiful woman cumming while fucking me put me over the edge and I shot my own giant blast of cum up across my chest.

I've only been topped a handful of times since then but I will definitely never forget how fantastic that first time felt and how happy I was that she had introduced me to a whole new world of sexual fun.

Written by Anonymous

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